ahhh.gif alien.gif baby.gif baseball.gif bguy.gif bguy2.gif bite.gif blue.gif boba.gif brain.gif buzz.gif camo.gif cat.gif chef.gif contract.gif cowboy.gif cross.gif cry.gif cyber.gif cyborg.gif devil.gif dog.gif doom.gif dude.gif elf.gif flame.gif football.gif frank.gif freak.gif fro.gif glasses.gif gordon.gif gramps.gif grenade.gif hair.gif hat.gif hellchick.gif hocky.gif jolt.gif joystick.gif karate.gif kid.gif kiss.gif laugh.gif mask.gif mib.gif monkey.gif mynx.gif ninja.gif pipe.gif pirate.gif pretty.gif pumpkin.gif purple.gif quake.gif robot.gif rock.gif ryu.gif safari.gif samurai.gif sarge.gif scream.gif shadow.gif shifty.gif skater.gif skippy.gif skull.gif star.gif stick.gif ut.gif viking.gif warrior.gif wierd.gif wizard.gif
ahhh.png alien.png baby.png baseball.png bguy.png bguy2.png bite.png blue.png boba.png brain.png buzz.png camo.png cat.png chef.png contract.png cowboy.png cross.png cry.png cyber.png cyborg.png devil.png dog.png doom.png dude.png elf.png flame.png football.png frank.png freak.png fro.png glasses.png gordon.png gramps.png grenade.png hair.png hat.png hellchick.png hockey.png jolt.png joystick.png karate.png kid.png kiss.png laugh.png mask.png mib.png monkey.png mynx.png ninja.png pipe.png pirate.png pretty.png pumpkin.png purple.png quake.png robot.png rock.png ryu.png safari.png samurai.png sarge.png scream.png shadow.png shifty.png skater.png skippy.png skull.png star.png stick.png ut.png viking.png warrior.png weird.png wizard.png

Welcome to GeekSpy!

GeekSpy was set up in 2012 to bring some forumers from the GameSpy, 3D Action Planet, and Planet Black & White forums together again - a decade after meeting on GameSpy's ForumPlanet. Sporting a vintage look and feel, the GeekSpy Forums were themselves archived in 2023 after running for about as long as ForumPlanet did. The site now serves as a place for a quick nostalgia hit.

As well as some old-timey foruming, GeekSpy also hosts a repository of ForumPlanet's old user icon collection, drawn by Gabe of Penny Arcade. In 2012 I spruced up the old icons with vector-enhanced versions that look a bit nicer on modern screens, as Gabe no longer has the originals (we checked!)

Thanks to the efforts of Archive Team, much of ForumPlanet as it existed from 2007-2012 was archived. Anything from before that time can only be seen on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

With the GeekSpy Forums now archived, you may be able to touch base with old contacts via one of the below channels:

GeekSpy.net will remain online for as long as I feel like it. If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me on my username below @ this domain.

- Cyrris