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Shepard Appreciation Topic
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Author:  Cookiejesus [ Aug 6, 13 - 12:06 AM ]
Post subject:  Shepard Appreciation Topic

Well, not really.

I know it's been a year since the last installment in the series but let's face it, the game is awesome. Awesome enough that at least one more of you has been through the saga various times.

So let's talk Mass Effect. Which is your favorite Episode, Class, Character... etc.

I've done most of my playthroughs on the Biotic side. Did a couple of soldier ones, but I think the'yre a tad on the boring side. Any feedback on the tech characters would be nice.

Author:  CoyoteExile [ Aug 24, 13 - 7:02 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Shepard Appreciation Topic

Probably some spoilery stuff below.

Mass Effect is my favorite series by a mile. I've played each one many times, taking each new character through all three games (and DLC). I tell myself I'll keep playing until I see all possible combinations of...stuff. I know this will never happen because so far I have been completely unable to let Wrex die on Virmire in part 1 or let even a single squad member die in the suicide mission in 2. Maybe if I play enough I'll see all possible love interest angles. Maybe. Well, probably not since I don't really care for either Kaiden or Jacob.

Favorite game changes each time I play. Sometimes it's 1 but the Mako annoys me. Sometimes it's 2 but the scanning annoys me. Sometimes it's 3 but it annoys me that I don't get to torture Kai Leng for weeks and weeks. Best part of 3: virtually every side quest and miscellaneous quest actually impacts the story as it give or takes away war assets. More ROGs need to move to this format. I love doing quests but it does take you out of the game when you realize that doing the long list of quests makes no sense to the story since you're supposed to be saving the world.

Favorite DLC was always The Arrival until I played Citadel. Citadel is the best DLC ever. Any game. No exceptions. Your differing and therefore incorrect opinion on this matter is noted and mocked.

Anyway, tech stuff. My first engineer was crazy fun. They seem to make up for nerfing the biotics in 2 (I've always felt the biotics got nerfed in 2. Might just be me.) by powering up the engineers. Engineers in 2 are badass and aren't pushovers in 3 either. Though the biotics make a comeback in 3, power-wise. Especially if you get the Omega DLC and unlock the Flare power. Flare is big time powerful.

I can go on and on about this series. Probably for way too long. Someone else say words now!

Author:  Soylent Dave [ Aug 25, 13 - 4:48 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Shepard Appreciation Topic

CoyoteExile wrote:
They seem to make up for nerfing the biotics in 2 (I've always felt the biotics got nerfed in 2. Might just be me.) by powering up the engineers.

Biotics definitely got nerfed in 2. But then they needed it, because they were overpowered to the point of being a bit tedious in ME - if you had a biotic Shepard, you didn't need any squadmates. If you didn't, then you took Liara and she won every fight for you.

Author:  Cookiejesus [ Aug 26, 13 - 4:55 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Shepard Appreciation Topic

In Reply To #2

In Reply To #2

I'm just starting my first tech run. Infiltrator, actually.

After a few other runs, I can't help feeling ME1 is better with a soldier. Basically since the combat mechanics aren't as polished as they are in the next games and enemies have a penchant for rushing into your ranks.

Probably, gameplay wise, one is my least favorite. But the story is huge.

I also feel one Is the hardest one to run by being 100% renegade. So far, it has cost me a few quests, and I couldn't bring myself to kill the peeps on Feros. As I haven't been able to kill Wrex, ever.

Author:  CoyoteExile [ Aug 29, 13 - 4:59 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Shepard Appreciation Topic

In Reply To #3

You really don't need a squad if you're biotic in 1. Just run into a crowded room, toss a singularity, hit the tangled mass of bodies with throw and watch your squadmates look confused when they can't find a live enemy to point a gun at.

In Reply To #4

I think the hardest pure renegade was 3. Some of the things you do...

Author:  Cookiejesus [ Aug 30, 13 - 3:52 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Shepard Appreciation Topic

In Reply To #5

The issue here, as opposed to what happened in games like KOTOR or Jade Empire is that the goal is ultimately to do a good thing. That makes it hard to think that some decisions will actually help Shepard save the world...

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