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"The Good weekend" and a PS3
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Author:  Cookiejesus [ Nov 15, 13 - 6:06 AM ]
Post subject:  "The Good weekend" and a PS3

So this weekend, Mexico has its alternative to black Friday: The Good Weekend.

I'm thinking of picking up a PS3. I know it's the end of it's cycle. But since I don't intend to get a PS4 or Xbox One this year. I'm figuring it might not be a terrible idea. Specially remembering how the PSone had a good run years into the PS2's cycle. And that the PS2 was still marketed into the PS3's gen.

The way I see it is:

The Pros: Great price on console (under US 200) and low price games.
The Cons: Only getting it for PS3 Exclusives and some current games I haven't bought for the 360... AND maybe game availability becomes an Issue.

Should I go for it?

Author:  Cyrris [ Nov 15, 13 - 11:14 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: "The Good weekend" and a PS3

If you already know what games you want for it, and you know you're gonna enjoy them for enough hours to make it worth the price, then I'd say go for it. $200 + some games isn't a huge amount for a few hundred hours of entertainment over the next year or two. That's assuming you'll get that much out of the games you're wanting, of course.

You know, as long as you've already cleared it with the wife :tongue:

Author:  fett [ Nov 15, 13 - 6:16 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: "The Good weekend" and a PS3

Talk to Coyote. He recently got one and has strong reasons for doing so.

Author:  Cookiejesus [ Nov 16, 13 - 12:28 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: "The Good weekend" and a PS3

Just went and got it. It was roughly under 200 with a LBP Karting game. I added Uncharted 2 for just over 20.

Will go buy GOW III, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3 and maybe a Killzone game. They're cheap (which was one of my motivations).

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